Winch Design


At Winch Design we are inspired by the golden age of air travel – an era in which every comfort was catered for, free from the inconveniences of modern travel. Our aim is to bring this level of pleasure back to flight. Our first project as an aviation studio was a BBJ-II for Multiflight, completed in 2002, a project that took its style cues from our experience as a yacht designer. Bringing that same level of quality, originality and attention to detail normally seen in yachts to an aircraft, its set a new benchmark for the industry, soon leading to a second commission for a Boeing 767-300.

In the years that have unfolded since, we’ve come to be recognised as an expert, turn-key aviation designer, creating exterior livery and high-concept, ultra-comfortable interiors, designing compact helicopters, palatial private A380s and everything in between.

Most importantly, the aircrafts we design are not just means of transport, but spaces for privacy and activity, where a client might read, recline, dine, conduct business, enjoy a film or practice yoga – entirely self-sufficient environments in which to conquer new continents and traverse the world in record time.