Winch Design


Our riverside studio houses over 65 talented people, working across numerous disciplines and including up to 20 different nationalities. The main studio houses the aviation, architecture, marketing and managerial teams, a second studio the interiors and yachts teams, and a third building accounts and HR.

It’s a diverse but close-knit family, made up of architects, engineers, aircraft designers, graphic, interior, textile and furniture designers, 3D animators, accountants, studio managers and many more. A truly global team with far-reaching design insight, we hope to reflect the rich diversity of our client base, while having the agility, dynamism and perseverance to together bring ambitious projects to fruition.

At Winch Design, no one project or person is greater than the sum of its parts. Every member of the team plays an equally important role, and every project is approached with equal energy. Success, we believe, comes from close collaboration. And so we encourage a strong team spirit, an open, family ethos, a culture of kindness and a sense of belonging for every new member of staff that joins.